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Denise Richard

Six Cardinals

Oil pastel on canvas





ANNE BOA, a new Artist member at Arts Pacific Gallery. Please come meet Anne at the Gallery on Tuesday, April 9th, 11am to 4pm

After 40 years working for others, in both Television Broadcasting and then Interior Design and Residential Construction, Anne is thrilled to return to her first love- Fine Arts.  Her Expressionistic work has gravitated to watercolour and mixed media- for now. The subject will always be there, whether it’s in landscapes or figurative pieces.

Featured Artists


Jane Dunfield



Denise Richard

Depicts bright fields of gold in acrylic, oil pastel and medium. Sensitive drawings and paintings of Taoist/Native origin that reflect the beauty and lightness of the natural world.


Lisa Arthur (Gardner)

Lisa is a visual artist versatile in many mediums from oil to watercolour. She is inspired by the beauty of the land and sea. Lisa earned a Fine Arts Honours Degree at the University of Guelph and a Teaching Degree at UBC. She has also studied at Emily Carr University and Ottawa School of Art. Lisa currently provides private instruction.

Instagram:   LisaGardnerArt



Rebecca Fairbairn

 Wood and water, sea and surf: these are the mainstays of my work. I paint on wood, some reclaimed from junk piles, some are exhibition wood panels, but all are chosen for the beauty of the grain. My painting begins with the wood itself, sanded and varnished, then the image is chosen depending on the grain. Wood stains and urethane are my mediums, and oil paint is added if needed for extra effect. I live on the water... and boats have always played a large part in my life. My work is the accumulation of these passions.


Carol McNaughton


Drawing and painting were pass times I seriously enjoyed as a child.  After graduating from high school, I spent a year at the art college in Calgary.  The reality of making a living interrupted my studies and over the years I was involved in jobs unrelated to art.  Eventually my partner and I owned a prepress company, supplying designers, ad agencies, publishers and printers. 

My favourite subjects are people and animals.  Living on Bowen has given me a lot of reference, and I love its scenic beauty.   I learn with every painting, and at every opportunity. 


Jeanne Sarich

Stoneware. Cloudflower Clayworks Studio offers workshops ,classes for all ages.  By appointment, 604-947-2522

Catherine Epps



Christie Grace



Julie Rogers

Evenstar Creations. Jewelry inspired by the natural environs. Sea glass, uncut stones, and the deep luscious textures found in her work reflect the majestic seascapes and magical forests found on Bowen.


Jani Carrol

Once in a Blue Moon. Handmade ponchos, wraps, hats and afghans. 


Muriel Curtis

Dancing Sticthes. Knitware



Peter McLean

Woodworks, doorharps

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